Back in Business! A Brand New Look (and Direction) for DeeCluttered Pro Organizing

Updated: May 14, 2020

"Stay focused, go after your dreams, and keep moving towards your goals."

- LL Cool J

Hey hey everyone!

It’s been a loooong time since I first ventured out into these blogging streets, but I’m back with a plan that will hopefully keep me on track with posting and providing you with useful information. And I haven’t been away without good reason! As you can see when looking around the DeeCluttered Pro Organizing website, things look a lot different from the original site. I’ve been working hard on the redesign and have some exciting plans in store for the DeeCluttered brand!

But before I get into what’s new and on the way, let me back up and share a little about myself and how DeeCluttered Professional Organizing got started for those of you who are new around here.

For years, my friends and family told me that I should start an organizing business. That I would be great at it. That there were so many people who would love to have someone help them get their home/office/life in order. I’m almost 100% positive that some of that encouragement came out of them wanting me to stop trying to organize THEIR stuff all the time lol, but it did get the wheels turning in my mind. Even though it sounded like something worth exploring, I didn’t get serious about researching how to start DeeCluttered until 2016.

Around that time I had also decided to get the ball rolling on a dream I’d had for 5 years - to start a nonprofit community center focused on empowering underserved communities. I’ve spent my entire professional life working in the nonprofit sector and this plan was the natural progression of my career and passion. But few dreams are free and this one was no exception! Despite what people like to spread on social media *insert eye roll*, the nonprofit sector isn’t exactly where you go looking for the big bucks (especially in grassroots community health like my area of the field). So in order to have my dream and not go back to living like a struggling grad student, I needed a second hustle that would be flexible once I got my center started.

Enter professional organizing! Not only could it be flexible, it was also something I loved to do as much as my first profession. It seemed like a win all around and I got to work putting together what would become DeeCluttered in 2017.

Fast-forward to today and things are rolling in the right direction...and in some exciting new directions as well! With this launch of the website redesign, I’m dipping my toes into an expanded version of DeeCluttered that builds on the strong base of the in-person and virtual organizing services I’ve been offering to clients since the launch almost 2 years ago.

When you take a look around the new site, you’ll see a resource page that houses a variety of free tools you can download and use to organize different areas of your life - from your home to your finances. I plan to add to this on a regular basis so make sure to check in regularly!

You’ll also see the new DeeCluttered Shop, where I’ll be offering organizing tools that fall outside of my actual organizing services (and a few DeeCluttered merch items that either help you stay organized or help keep you in the mood while working on organizing projects!). Think digital tools like personal finance spreadsheets, printable downloads to help keep your life and home organized, and e-guides to give you a little extra help on your organizing journey. I also have a few other projects in the works that I’m super excited about but not quite ready to share, so stay tuned for even more from DeeCluttered in the months ahead!

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