Get Your Little Troops in Formation!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

July 2019 #DeeClutteredPicks - Home Command Centers

"Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate."

- Unknown

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It feels like the summer just started but we're already getting bombarded by back-to-school ads and other reminders that school is just around the corner. Before we know it, everyone will soon be back in the swings of things when it comes to all things kids and school.

Even though many parents are elated to have their little ones out of their hair and back in the care of their teachers, with a new school year comes lots of new "stuff" that can quickly clutter a home...unless you have a plan of attack!

Every successful general needs a good command center. A place where all important information is stored. Where they can quickly find out their troops' locations. Somewhere to map out plans and work out schedules.

And as the general of your home, so do you. Enter the home command center!

Home command centers are as unique as the people who make them and the homes they're in. Some take up a whole wall in a living room. Others just take up a small corner in a kitchen.

But all good home command centers - those that really do a good job of helping keep your family's lives organized and in order - have a few things in common. Below are seven of those things and some suggestions for items to add to your shopping list when you're ready to put yours together:

1. Your Base of Operations

A good centerpiece for a home command center is a piece of storage furniture. My favorite piece for this purpose is a cube storage organizer because its compartments help keep things neat and tidy. But other pieces, such as a short bookcase, would also work great!

Command Center Furniture

Don't Forget the Storage Cubes

2. Post Their Marching Orders

A message board can help you and your family remember important to-do's and last minute changes to schedules. Calendars broken down by month and by the week can help you keep an eye on what's going on 'right now' and plan for what's coming in the weeks ahead. Having this information in one place can help you make sure that you aren't forgetting anything and give your family a place to turn to when they need up-to-date information.

Dry Erase Note Boards

Dry Erase Calendars - Weekly & Monthly

3. Stay on Military Time

The morning rush to work and school is even worse when you lose track of time. A wall clock at your command center will help your family stay on schedule with their morning routines. Hang it in a central location in your command center design so it's easy to see from different areas in your home.

Wall Clocks

4. Always Pass Barracks Check

There are few things worse than not being able to find something when you're on your way out the door. But having to help a child find something they've lost during the morning rush probably falls into that category for most of us 😉 Hooks for bookbags, lunchboxes, purses, etc. will help keep things in order and easy to find at all times.

Bookbag & Coat Storage

5. Organize Their Service Records

Once the school year kicks off, there's no end to the flow of papers in and out of your house! From scribbly works of art done by little ones to college tour permission slips for those about to leave the nest, the stacks of paper can be out of control halfway through the year. A good filing system set up at your home command center will help you keep those stacks from taking over your home.

Organize that paper clutter with these helpful products!

Paper Organization