Keep Your Minis Organized!

Tips for Saving Your Home from Your Kids’ Clutter

"Our children are watching how we live far more than they are hearing what we say. They are learning how to live by our choices, not by our words."

-L.R. Knost

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Little humans might be small but they sure do come with a lot of stuff!!

Your kids’ toys and clothes can quickly take over their rooms (and your whole home!) but never fear, today I’ll be sharing a few quick tips to help you stay on top of it - complete with recommendations for organizational products that I’ve used and love.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed literally every part of our lives. Where we work. Where we learn. What and how we eat. How we shop (and save because shopping is just such a hassle these days!). Even how often we see our friends and family!

These adjustments have all centered around the need to spend as much time as possible at home, where we are the safest until this resolves itself one way or another. And while I’ve enjoyed the extra time at home and the slower pace of life, I know it hasn’t been the easiest for all of us.

For those of you with little (and not so little) ones at home, I know this period of #saferathome has been very trying at times. Being in each other’s space 24/7 and trying to balance working from home and homeschooling is no joke. And s/o to all of the newbie homeschool parents who put in weeks as newbie teachers - I helped my 12 year old niece with schoolwork one night and questioned whether I had learned anything at all in life, two degrees and all!

I may not be able to do much as far as helping with homeschooling or just being tired of seeing your family’s beautiful faces so many hours per after day lol...but I can hopefully help you feel a little less cramped in your living space.

Each family has its own unique needs and each space has its own specific challenges, but these three tips are sure to helpful to just about anyone:

1. One in, One out

Every time your child gets a new toy or piece of clothing, remove at least one item of the same. You only have but so much space, so something has to go when new things come in!

This is something that can be easier said than done. Even if your child hasn’t even seen an old toy since they got it 2 birthdays ago, as soon as they see you pull it out to toss or give away it’ll probably become their new favorite thing lol.

A little #protip I use with my clients and the kids in my life is to make sure the sorting process is done without little eyes looking on. This may be a little harder these days but if you can distract them with a movie or some time outside, this process will definitely be a lot easier and go a lot faster.

2. Dolls Aren’t the Only Toys That Need a Home

If you feel like you’re cleaning up behind your kids 24/7, it’s probably at least partially due to the fact that not all of their belongings have a “home” in their room.

Storage is SUPER important for keeping toys organized since those little pieces somehow always manage to find their way to the floor and larger toys seem to multiply to so much more than you even remember buying.

Anyone who has worked with me as a client or followed me on social media for awhile knows that my favorite organizing hack is to take full advantage of vertical space when trying to increase storage capacity. Shelving can really save you from most storage space frustrations if you have blank, unused walls in a space. And a big plus for storing UP in kids’ rooms is that if they can’t reach it without asking you to take it down for them, it can’t add to mess on the floor without your permission!

If you really run out of room to add storage solutions, think back to tip #1...something HAS to go!

Add Storage to Keep Your Sanity

3. Start ‘Em Early

Bad habits are hard to break and sometimes good habits are harder to make as we get older and set in our ways so it helps to teach clean up skills early! Kids learn by mimicking what they see so get them involved in your cleaning and organizing routines early so they can form their own.

Incorporating things like storage units that are easy for them to access and use (at their eye level, have easy-to-open compartments, are safe for little fingers to use, etc.) and labels (like those found in the DeeCluttered Shop!) that make it easy for them to remember what goes where can ease the learning process and keep all of you from getting more frustrated than necessary when teaching them how to keep their things in order.

It can be hard to stay patient when you know you could knock it out in half the time on your own, but let them help you...teach them where everything should go...explain to them why you like things to be neat and tidy...future you will appreciate it!

Kid-Friendly Organizing Aids

So there are a few quick tips for getting started on an organizing journey with your minis! We can’t do much about how things go outside of our homes right now, but we can help things operate a little more smoothly inside of them.

Life may be looking a LOT different right now but with some flexibility and a few adjustments, we’ll all get through this in one piece! I really do feel like the biggest positive of the pandemic is how much we’ve been forced to slow down, not be on the go as much, and really focus on reconnecting with our loved ones. Hopefully some of that sticks with us once we finally control this thing and can safely be out and about in our new normal.

Stay safe everyone!

Comment below with ways your family has had to adjust to this new way of life ushered in by the new coronavirus. What have been some of your biggest challenges and what have you found helps your family overcome them? Your tips may help another reader!

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