Organizing in the Season of Thankfulness

"If a fellow isn't thankful for what he's got, he isn't likely to be thankful for what he's going to get."

- Frank A. Clark

Are you starting to get into the holiday spirit?!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the festive feeling is hard to miss. From the items on display in stores to the music we hear on the radio, holiday cheer is all around us. And while this happens to be many people’s favorite time of year (mine included!), a lot of us are also trying to fight off the stress that goes along with family gatherings and decorating for the holidays. So as much as I’d love to give you advice on how to keep your family from getting on your nerves, all I can really offer are the following tips 😉

Declutter to Give Back

Since the holiday season falls at the same as a change in season, it’s a great time to go through and make edits to your and your family’s wardrobes. Take a weekend or a vacation day at home to go through your closets and drawers to figure out what items no longer fit, are no longer in good condition, or are just no longer your taste.

Then make the following piles:

  • Toss (or recycle if you can find a local drop off location - visit to see how to locate one)

  • Donate

  • Gift

The clothes you donate to local shelters and other non profits that help those in need will make a huge impact during this time of year, when the temperatures drop and our transient neighbors are facing conditions even more difficult than usual.

You’ll also get bonus points with loved ones who have been eyeing your cute clothes! 😏

Declutter to Make Room

The new year might usher in new beginnings, but the holiday season tends to bring a lot of new ‘stuff’ into our homes. Decluttering and organizing your space beforehand makes space for all of the great gifts you’ll get and make your space easier to keep neat and tidy. And that’s not the only perk of getting organized before the holidays - it can also be a great opportunity to instill the true spirit of the season in your kids.

Before the new toys are opened next month, sit your kids down and talk to them about what it means to be thankful for what they have. Remind them about those in your community who are less fortunate (you could even let them see firsthand by volunteering at a women and children’s shelter on Thanksgiving!) and get them excited about how big of a difference they could make in another child’s life by giving away some of their old toys.

Then it’s time to get to work! Team up with your kids to go through their rooms and repeat the pile strategy I suggested in the previous tip. It may get a little rough as some of their old favs go up on the chopping block but try to keep them motivated by reminding them of all of the new toys they asked for on that wish list. And if that doesn’t work, you can always make a note of the things that need to go and pull them when your kids aren’t around later.

**Note - I would suggest doing this minus the little helpers if they’re still a little to young to have grasped the concept of sharing and giving to the less fortunate.**

Declutter While You Decorate

Are you Scrooge when it comes to decorating for the holidays or do you decorate everything down to the napkins in your kitchen?

Even if you don’t do much in the way of decorating, it never hurts to go through what you do have and make sure that you don’t have anything that’s just taking up space 85% of the year. Since this is probably the only time you see these boxes all year, it’s the perfect time to go through everything and make it all as organized as possible.

My personal strategy for this process is to declutter on the front end while I’m taking items out to display for the year, then organize everything that makes the cut as I take it all down in January (speaking of...when do you take down your holiday decorations? I’m a first weekend in January type of girl myself 😊).

Make sure to keep an eye out for sales on organization and storage items in the days between Christmas and the end of January because this is usually when stores drop their prices in this category. You’ll be able to get some great deals on containers and organizers that will keep everything sorted by holiday and protected so you can use your decor year after year.

Declutter to Prep for the New Year

If you’re all about the ‘new year, new you’ approach to living, it should be a no brainer to get the jump on a fresh start in your home. Getting rid of clutter and organizing your space ahead of the holidays can help ease some of the prep stress and make clean up a smoother process later. It also allows you to take inventory of new things you may want to add to your space in the new year - a few staple pieces to update your wardrobe, some Christmas lights that don’t have dead bulbs, or a new toy to reward your well-behaved kiddo.

So as you’re thinking about 2020 and getting your plans and vision boards together, make sure to add a decluttered, well-organized home to your list on things to manifest and make reality in the new year 🥳

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