Why Organizing? (And Why It’ll Work for You!)

"Out of clutter, find simplicity."

- Albert Einstein

This quote pretty much sums up the point of organizing - taking a cluttered mess and breaking it down into its simplest parts. Out of those simple parts beautiful things can be created. A beautifully styled home. An efficient, productive office. A well-crafted budget that helps you realize your dreams.

The process of decluttering and organizing your life may seem like a huge task but I promise you, the rewards of organization are soooo worth it!

Get Organized to Make the Most of Your Time

If you're anything like me, there never seem to be enough hours in the day. Keeping my life as organized as possible helps me stretch the time I do have and get more done without feeling stressed and frazzled.

Since you're here at the DeeCluttered Blog, I'm guessing that you'd like to avoid feeling that way too!

Getting (and keeping!) all areas of your life in order is the key to making the most of your time, day in and day out. Having even one area out of whack can make a mess out of everything. Don't believe me??

Think about a day when you couldn't find your car keys as you were heading out the door in the morning.

How did this affect the rest of your day? Depending on how long it took you to find the keys, you were probably late to wherever you were going. Did being late affect your focus at work/school/appointments/etc? Were you less productive because you couldn't focus? Did this one unproductive day throw off your whole week?

Now, misplacing things will happen from time to time no matter how organized you are - and one misplaced item probably won't mess up your entire week :) But just think of what you could've done with all of the minutes you've lost over the years searching for your keys, favorite shirt, or important piece of paper. Being organized helps you reclaim your time and put your minutes to better use!

You can't add more minutes to your day, but you can cut down on the time it takes to find your fav shoes!

Get Organized to Save Money

If you've been researching home organization or office organization online, you've probably come across the word 'minimalism' at least a few times. Minimalism - the practice of owning and being content with less - is often discussed along with organizing.

Minimalism can have a lot of benefits but there are two that really connect with me. One benefit of minimalism is that it makes getting and staying organized MUCH easier. This is why the first step of every DeeCluttered Professional Organizing project is to declutter.

Less 'stuff' means less to get and keep organized!

The other benefit of minimalism I like to focus on - and maybe one of the most popular ones - is that it saves you money! Having less means spending less. And if you're in the process of downsizing to start living a more minimalistic lifestyle, you can actually make money by selling the things you no longer want.

Minimalism can also save you money by helping to prevent unnecessary purchases. Ever go grocery shopping and get home to discover that you've purchased something you already had? A well-organized kitchen could have prevented that and saved you a few dollars!

And while most people think of the organization of physical 'things', your finances is another area of life that will benefit from being organized. By tracking where your money is going, you can trim unnecessary spending and save money. Money that can be used to pay off debt, save up for important purchases, and place yourself and your family in the best position possible.

Staying organized can keep you from wasting money and ending up with 3 of the same shirt in your closet!

Get Organized for Peace of Mind

It's said that your home is a reflection of your mind. So if your space is chaotic, you shouldn't be surprised if you feel at least a little bit off mentally. Being well organized - whether it's your home, office, or finances - can not only help your life run more smoothly, it can also improve your mental well-being.

The sense of peace I get when my space is tidy and in order is what led me to get into this business in the first place. Being able to help others feel that same sense of peace is the best part of being a professional organizer!

The beauty of organizing is that no matter how chaotic the space is when you start, there's an organizational system that will work for you and your life. Organizing is a very personal process - what works for one person may not work for the next. And choosing the wrong system can rob you of the piece of mind an organized space should bring you.

It's easy to fall in love with organizing ideas from Pinterest - just be careful not to get so caught up in the idea of being organized that you try to force an organizing system on yourself that isn't a good fit for your life.

Minimalism is great and can help simplify your life but if you're a die-hard fashionista, it might make you feel like your soul is slowly dying to cut your shoe collection down to 4 or 5 pairs. If you're a tech geek, a budget binder may not be the best way for you to keep up with your finances. Don't add stress to your life trying to make it look like a well-curated organizing board.

Just like everything else in life, organizing is a process of trial and error. It may take a few tries and you may have to test out a few different organizing systems before you find the right fit. But once you do, the peace of mind and sense of accomplishment will be the cherries on top of your well organized life!

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